St. Rose School follows the curriculum guidelines of the Diocese of Camden which are aligned with Core Curriculum Standards. Our rigorous academic curriculum follows guidelines established by the Diocese of Camden Office of Catholic Schools. Those guidelines build on the strong academic tradition of Catholic schools, incorporate national and state curriculum standards, and
allow us to bring the Gospel message of Jesus into all facets of learning. We believe in educating the whole person.

All students enrolled in St. Rose of Lima School participate in the Religion program and liturgical celebrations. The Religion curriculum provides for instruction of the traditional doctrines of the Roman Catholic Faith. Development of a personal prayer life and outreach to community service are important elements of the Religion program. Celebrating the traditions such as Mass and the Sacraments of the Catholic Faith is vital in reinforcing the teachings as well as developing the child’s faith.

The Language Arts curriculum includes reading, literature, phonics, grammar, written expression, spelling/vocabulary, penmanship, and speaking and listening skills. St. Rose of Lima School utilizes flexible grouping within the classroom, so to meet the individual needs of each student.

The Math program places particular emphasis on developing reasoning and problem solving skills as well as a strong foundation in the basics.   St. Rose of Lima school offers an Accelerated Math Program in grades 5, 6, 7, and 8 for those students who meet the criteria set by the Diocese.

The Science program is inquiry based which develops science process skills through hands-on experiments and activities. The Social Studies program includes the study of history, geography, current events, cultural differences, and respect for diversity.

In addition to the basic academic curriculum, students participate in several special areas of learning including Music, Art, Library, Technology, and Physical Education.  Spanish is provided for all students in grades K to 8 with the goal of successfully completing a Spanish I program by the end of Grade 8.