Does the PTA have a mission statement?

Does the PTA have a mission statement?

Yes we do and it is a simple one:

To support and enrich the catholic education and spiritual growth for our children within the St. Rose of Lima school and parish community, and throughout the Diocese of Camden, NJ.

In order to achieve this mission, fundraising is the most essential component of the work we do.

The best fundraising is derived from parents who know that they are welcome, clergy and staff who know that they are appreciated, and students who are motivated to actively cooperate in their own charitable goals.

The PTA Executive Board makes three promises to actualize this mission:

to raise the funding necessary to achieve the educational goals of our school and other schools within the diocese.

to ensure effective communication throughout the parish, school, and other related governing boards.

to include any hardworking individual interested in volunteering for events, and participating in the teamwork needed to achieve our goals.