Executive Board Members

If I’m Not on the Executive Board, how can I help out?

The PTA is ALWAYS looking for volunteers and participants. You can get involved by:

1. Become a Homeroom Parent and help coordinate and do special crafts with your child’s classroom on special occasions. These are coordinated through an executive board member but volunteers are always needed.

2. Check out the Volunteer Sign-up Form on the August Mailing, info on this website, or sign up in your child’s classroom during back to school night. Feel free to contact an event chair too, if you feel you’d like to help with the early-stage planning of the event.

Check this website often. We will regularly post links to Sign Up Genius pages for upcoming events.

Attend one of the 4 School wide PTA meetings each marking period.

What are the positions on PTA Executive Board?

The following represents a synopsis of the major responsibilities of the PTA executive board members.

Co-President: Each year the PTA is lead by two presidents. These two individuals create agendas and preside over monthly PTA Executive Committee Meetings; they represent the PTA at monthly Pastoral Council meetings; communicate directly with Pastor and Principal, the school board, the athletic committee and the arts committee, provide oversight for all projects and programs of the PTA, communicate with St. Rose school families through the school’s website, the SRL PTA facebook page, an electronic newsletter and through the Principal’s bimonthly blue and gold memo.

Treasurer: The treasurer processes the money used for and raised by the fundraising events throughout the year. The treasurer also keeps track of these transactions and creates a profit and loss statement for the committee throughout the year. The treasurer disburses all PTA money in collaboration with the Presidents, the Pastor and the Principal. The treasurer must maintain good records and provide a report of the current profit and loss statement at each board meeting. (from fundraising events and beginning of the school year collections). Treasurers are the liaison between the accounting office and the board, and this person also participates in all general projects and programs of the PTA.

Publicity: This person will work with the Advancement Office to keep our messages targeted and consistent. The publicist will establish and maintain relationships with various news organizations in the community to promote Saint Rose. He or she will work directly with the website manager to keep PTA messages current. Finally, the publicist will participate in all general projects and programs of the PTA.

Secretary: The secretary records minutes of general and executive board meetings. Edits and maintains the school directory at the beginning of the year. This person also organizes and sends out teacher gifts, thank you notes, expressions of sympathy and any other communication on behalf of the PTA. The secretary also participates in all general projects and programs of the PTA.

Hospitality: The hospitality chair is the event planner for the PTA-funded events that take place throughout the year. The hospitality chair will work within a small budget to plan simple events and coordinate volunteers for things such as the back to school breakfast, teacher lunches, PTA wine and cheese events, and some of the events that take place during Catholic Schools Week. These events are generally the FUN events, not the FUNDraising events noted earlier.

Room Parent Coordinator: The Room Parent coordinator is responsible for organizing the list of volunteers for each classroom and teacher, leading the room parents so that they know what they are expected to do, and coordinating parent activities throughout the year that can bring parents into the classroom. Particularly in the elementary school, the room parent coordinator will consult with teachers and parents about these events, and act as a liaison between Room Parents and general PTA executive board.

Historian: This is a relatively new position for the board. The Historian is a parent who has enrolled their children at St. Rose for a long time. This person often has several or many children so that their tenure as parents can span a decade or more. They attend board meetings and offer historical information that can help the existing board members avoid mistakes that have been made in the past.

Christmas Bazaar Chair: The Christmas Bazaar, which usually takes place the first Friday in November is the marquee annual fundraiser for the PTA. For those of you who have not attended, this is a BIG event; a fun day for parents, students, teachers and the St. Rose of Lima parish community and the community at large. This event requires a coordinator who can work all year to ensure that it goes smoothly on the big day. The Christmas Bazaar chair is asked to attend monthly board meetings to provide a planning report leading up to the event.

All PTA Executive Board members are asked to serve a minimum two-year term.

All Co-Presidents must serve in another position prior to serving as president. This means presidents will serve a minimum of three years on the board.

How are PTA executive board members selected?

There is not one single way that a PTA board member is selected, and the process is admittedly, rather informal. Every year, existing board members search for other parents who may meet a few specific goals, and then either scour our list of individuals who have expressed interest in volunteering, or directly ask those who may fit the bill to serve the board member term.

The goal is to have a board that is well rounded, representative of the school overall, and is made up of individuals who can work well together. Specifically, this means it is a good idea to have board members whose children come from all different grade bands. Ideally, board members should be parents who have been at St. Rose long “enough.” There is not a specific set number of years required to be considered “enough”, but parents with children at the school less than two to three years are encouraged to wait to seek board membership unless an exception seems appropriate for some reason. If a parent is known to have background experience doing work related to a specific position (e.g., someone who works in event planning wants to take on the role of hospitality chair) that person may be asked to serve specifically. Finally, board members should also be parents who truly support the school and it’s mission and are grateful to be able to provide their child with a catholic education.

If you feel you would like to serve as a board member at any point, please reach out to one of the existing members. Because of the requested two year terms not all positions are open at all times, but we do keep track of people who want to help and try to make sure they know how much their offer is appreciated. If the position you desire is not available, another opportunity to help will come up soon and we will try to be in contact. When volunteers are not available to fill positions, existing board members may ask individuals they know to serve as well. To be clear, this does not mean there is a single group of parents who always serve. Again, as stated in the first sentence, the goal should always be to have an executive board that is well rounded, representative and works well together.

The PTA Executive Board Honor Code:

All PTA board members must agree to consistently engage in and model honorable behavior. This includes directly, and indirectly, treating others with dignity and respect, keeping your word and your commitments, and acting with responsibility and courage when necessary.

Any actions that disregard these values, whether intentional or unintentional, diminish the integrity of the PTA as an organization, and the reputation of the entire school community. They also deprive our children of valuable learning opportunities crucial to their moral development.

While serving on the PTA Executive board, each member is expected to uphold these values. In addition, any person who chairs a specific fundraising event is also required to adhere to the same values. Though not at all exhaustive, the following list represent examples of actions that violate the Honor Code:
Speaking poorly of others on the board – past, present or future.
Promoting competition between fundraising events and chairs, or from year to year.
Seeking personal gain through board membership or event chairing, either financial or otherwise.
Contributing to or intensifying negative dialogue on social media
Each member agrees to uphold these values during their tenure, and to report concerns to the full board when others are not doing this. Blatant violations of this honor code may result in the dismissal of that board member.

What is the decision making process for the PTA Executive Board?
At the monthly board meetings various proposals are often discussed. Once discussed, it will be determined by the second year president whether a decision needs to be made. If a proposal requires additional information a vote can be postponed based on the recommendation from both presidents. When a proposal is ready for a decision, a vote will be tallied and the majority (4 out of 7 votes) will rule. When a tie occurs because only an even number of board members attended a particular meeting, the missing member will be contacted & asked to render a vote outside of normal meeting times.