SCRIP Program (formerly TRIP)


Scrip Program

The Scrip Program (formerly known as TRIP) is up and running!

There have been some changes to the program this year. If you would like to participate in Scrip, please read the document below in its entirety so you understand all of the changes. Most notably, all users who want to earn rebates must order directly from the website and use their PrestoPay program which links to your checking account. Hard copy order forms are still available,however, all rebates earned with this method are paid to St. Rose. These rebates are not shared.

Please also note that if you plan to participate in the shared rebates program, you must sign and return the Scrip Agreement. Please return to Fran Watson via your child’s folder.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we make these small changes to the Scrip Program! Please contact Christa Tracy with any questions: