What is the PTA?

What is the PTA?
YOU are the PTA! Every parent and teacher at St. Rose of Lima school is a member of the St. Rose PTA.

Who runs the PTA?
The Executive Board is the governing body for the PTA. This board is composed of parent volunteers and a teacher representative who meet monthly to plan and organize events and activities that support and enhance your child(ren)’s educational experience. The school principal also attends all board meetings. Every single parent is encouraged to get to know a member of the board and offer opinions and/or ask questions about the day to day issues that involve the PTA.

What is the Purpose and Function of the PTA?
The PTA has two important purposes and functions, COMMUNITY BUILDING and FUNDRAISING. We often refer to these functions as the “FUN” and the “FUNDS.” The FUN aspect supports your family in nurturing your child social experience and the community strengthening aspects of your family’s St. Rose experience.

The hospitality chairperson of the PTA organizes many different events and activities throughout the year that are not fundraisers per se. For example, the school wide breakfasts and teacher appreciation lunches, contributions to the 9th grade dinner dance, Christmas tree lighting, etc. Also, the room parent coordinator for the PTA is the person who oversees room-parent activities, including bringing parents into the classroom for seasonal crafts and supporting individual families within the classroom when they may be in need (e.g., when a parent is ill, the room parent may organize a meal-schedule). The total costs for these programs varies every year, but typically falls in the $10-15,000 range.

The PTA also does a great deal of good-old-fashioned-FUND-raising. Every year the PTA sets a fundraising goal, for the purpose of lowering the tuition costs for all students. For the last two years, and for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year, our financial goal is $90,000. Without this money from the PTA, the annual tuition for each student would be approximately 25% higher than it is right now.

Finally, the PTA also hopes to support the parents and teachers of St. Rose in raising and educating our children. 45-60 minute, quarterly meetings are scheduled that are open to all parents and teachers. Approximately 15-30 minutes of these meetings will be educational, on a topic of interest to most/many parents and teachers. The other 15 minutes will include a financial update and discussion regarding upcoming events.

Does the PTA have any Restrictions?

Yes. The PTA does NOT seek to direct any administrative activities of the school or to control any of its policies. While the principal or pastor may seek out the advice of the PTA board on some issues, the school advisory board is the primary advisory committee for St. Rose. Also, the PTA is non-partisan. It is not affiliated with any national parent-teacher organizations and therefore, it does not require any dues or membership fees.